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Trailer Body Repair

At Fleet Mobile Maintenance (FMM), we understand that your trailers are vital to your fleet’s operations. Our comprehensive trailer body repair services are designed to revive your trailers’ structural integrity and appearance. From minor cosmetic repairs to major collision restoration, our skilled technicians are here to keep your trailers in top shape and ready to hit the road.

Comprehensive Collision Restoration

FMM offers comprehensive collision restoration services for your trailers in the event of a collision or accident. Our skilled technicians will assess the damage and develop a tailored repair plan to bring your trailers back to pre-accident condition. We ensure precise and efficient repairs with state-of-the-art tools and equipment, minimizing downtime and maximizing your trailers’ productivity.

Cosmetic Repairs for a Professional Image

Maintaining a professional image is essential for your business, and well-maintained trailers are crucial in leaving a positive impression on your customers. At FMM, we offer cosmetic repair services that address scratches, dents, and other minor imperfections. Our skilled technicians take pride in delivering top-notch cosmetic repairs that enhance your trailers’ appearance and reinforce your business’s reputation.

Mobile Trailer Repair Services

As a mobile-only service provider, FMM brings convenience and efficiency to your trailer repair needs. Our skilled technicians come to your location, saving you valuable time and effort. No need to transport trailers to a repair shop; we’ll handle the repairs on-site, so your trailers can be back on the road in no time.

Revive your trailers’ integrity and appearance; request your trailer body repair with FMM today. Experience the benefits of a well-maintained and professional-looking fleet. Click below to connect with us now!