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At Fleet Mobile Maintenance, we understand the critical importance of regular inspections in ensuring the safety and compliance of your fleet. Our comprehensive inspection services cover all aspects of your vehicles, from trucks to trailers, helping you stay on top of maintenance and avoid potential safety hazards. With skilled inspectors and a commitment to excellence, we deliver thorough and reliable inspection solutions for your fleet.


Our Inspection Services

At FMM, we offer a comprehensive range of inspection services to address the specific needs of your fleet:

Truck Inspections

Our truck inspections are designed to identify potential issues affecting your truck’s performance and safety. From engine and brake system checks to lighting and electrical inspections, we ensure your trucks meet all safety regulations and are roadworthy.

Trailer Inspections

Keeping your trailers in optimal condition is crucial for cargo safety and efficient transportation. Our trailer inspections cover all critical components, including body integrity, lighting, tires, and suspension, ensuring your trailers are in top shape.

DOT Compliance

FMM’s team is well-versed in Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations, and our inspections ensure your fleet remains fully compliant. We thoroughly check all required DOT components and provide the necessary documentation for your records.

Safety and Maintenance Inspections

Safety is our top priority, and our safety and maintenance inspections are designed to keep your fleet operating securely on the road. We identify potential safety hazards and maintenance issues, allowing you to address them before they become significant problems.

Pre-Trip and Post-Trip Inspections

Our pre-trip and post-trip inspections help ensure that your drivers have safe vehicles before embarking on their journeys and report any issues encountered. This proactive approach prevents unexpected breakdowns and enhances driver safety.

Comprehensive Reporting

After each inspection, you receive detailed reports outlining the condition of your vehicles. Our comprehensive reporting lets you make informed decisions about necessary repairs and maintenance, helping you avoid any potential problems.

Minimizing Downtime and Enhancing Efficiency

By scheduling regular inspections with FMM, you minimize unexpected breakdowns and costly downtime. Our expertise ensures that your fleet remains in optimal condition, reducing the risk of unscheduled repairs and maximizing efficiency.

Expert Inspectors You Can Trust

Our inspectors are highly trained and experienced, with an in-depth understanding of fleet maintenance requirements. Their attention to detail and commitment to thorough inspections give you peace of mind that your fleet is in safe hands.

On-Site Inspection Convenience

FMM brings inspection services directly to your location through our mobile units. We understand that time is valuable, and our on-site convenience ensures minimal disruption to your fleet’s operations.

FMM’s inspection services are integral to maintaining a safe, reliable, and compliant fleet. From truck and trailer inspections to DOT compliance and comprehensive reporting, we offer a full range of inspection solutions to meet your fleet’s needs. Partner with FMM, and let us help you keep your fleet rolling safely and efficiently.